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Folkmanis have a fantastic range of high quality life like puppets. From African plains, to tropical jungles, to the depths of the ocean, and everywhere in between - this range includes real and fictitious animals, alive and extinct. With almost every animal you can think of, and in a range of styles and sizes, Folkmanis Puppets have something for everyone.

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  1. Baby Lop Rabbit

    Baby Lop Rabbit

    Price $52.95

    This bunny puppet is a favourite at Fiddleticks. Animate the mouth and front paws of this cuddle bunny as you stroke and soothe its super soft coat. Learn More
  2. Bunny Rabbit Finger Puppet

    Bunny Rabbit Finger Puppet

    Price $18.99

    This Bunny Finger Puppet is 5 inches of soft, cuddly fun. Designed in gray and white micro-fiber fabrics with pink accented ears. Learn More
  3. Domestic Guinea Pig Puppet

    Domestic Guinea Pig Puppet

    Price $64.00

    Experimenting with the thought of getting a new pet? The Folkmanis Guinea Pig puppet is the best starter pet ever! Also known as a cavi, this furry friend has movable mouth and legs. Happiest when cage-free and cradled in your hands, share the puppet antics with your animal loving pals. Learn More
  4. Elephant Stage Puppet

    Elephant Stage Puppet

    Price $46.00

    This elephant stage puppet is one armful of fun with unique fabrics and a fun, movable trunk. Learn More
  5. Mini Turtle Finger Puppet

    Mini Turtle Finger Puppet

    Price $21.99

    We are loving this cute little turtle. You can operate the head with your middle finger, and the two front legs with adjacent fingers. Both the head and front legs can withdraw into the shell if things all become too much. Learn More
  6. Ragdoll Cat

    Ragdoll Cat

    Price $92.00

    Snuggle up with this furry, floppy realistic feline. This RAGDOLL CAT is true to its breed. Put side by side with a real live cat and it would be hard to tell the difference. Made of long, chocolate tipped plush with white markings. Learn More

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